Future Horizons: The Tempest Podcast

Episode 6 - An international endeavour

August 19, 2021

In this final episode of series 1 of Future Horizons: The Tempest Podcast, we learn about Tempest’s exciting steps on to the international stage for the next phase of the programme’s development and discuss why diversity will be so important to the future transformation of the programme.

Part 1 - What's next for Tempest?

The Ministry of Defence has signed a £250 million contract with British industry Team Tempest partners for the next phase of development for this major national and international endeavour.

In the first segment of the final episode of the podcast, we discuss the ongoing commitment for the programme in the UK, as well as the collaboration between the programme’s international partners.

Host Zevi Watmough speaks to Mark Hamilton, Managing Director Electronics UK, Leonardo, Air Commodore Jonny Moreton, UK Programme Director, Future Combat Air System, UK MoD and Trevor Taylor, Professorial Research Fellow in Defence Management, at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI). 

Part 2 - Transforming working cultures  (starting at 22:46

Transformation underpins the Tempest programme – challenging ways of working, approaches to collaboration and driving innovation across the aerospace industry.

People with very different thought processes, perspectives and backgrounds need to come together to innovate. Today’s Generation Tempest will become tomorrow’s workforce and they will have an expectation that they will work in an environment that welcomes difference, diversity and creativity.

How can they feel empowered to embark on those sensitive yet vital conversations that will break down barriers and lead to the type of close collaboration that will be so central to Britain’s future prosperity?

Host Zevi Watmough explores the answers to those questions with Chi Felly-Njoku, Graduate Electrical Engineer at Arup and University Events Lead at AFBE-UK, and Dr Mark McBride-Wright, Founder & Managing Director, Equal Engineers.

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