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Episode 2 – A commitment to securing the information advantage

Episode 2 – A commitment to securing the information advantage

April 8, 2021

In this second episode of the six-part series, we discuss the implications of the UK Government's Integrated Review for Tempest and the aerospace industry, and speak with industry experts on the concept of ‘Information Advantage’, where having better information provides an edge in combat.

Part 1 – The impact of the UK Government’s Integrated Review and the UK MOD’s Defence Command Paper
With the title ‘Global Britain in a Competitive Age’, the Integrated Review has been described as the most radical assessment of the UK’s place in the world since the end of the Cold War and reveals a seismic shift in emphasis towards science and technology.

We discuss the implications of these publications for Tempest and the wider aerospace industry.

Host Zevi Watmough is joined by Richard Berthon OBE, Director Future Combat Air at the Ministry of Defence; Tim Ripley, freelance journalist and a prolific author on military and defence subjects; and Phil Townley, Director Future Programmes, Rolls Royce Defence.

Part 2 – Claiming the Informational Advantage in an Information Age (starting at 33:50)
In an information age, where the development of the human-machine interface is gathering pace like never before, having a sound command of data and information is vital to a pilot’s decision-making process.

The digital race is on to acquire and process more and more information at lightning speed. With daily advances in digital technology, how do we take the right action to ensure the UK armed forces maintain an informational advantage? 

We speak to Steve Formoso, Chief Test Pilot at BAE Systems and Lukas Chamberlain, Tempest Project Chief Engineer at Leonardo.


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Episode 1 – The Story So Far

Episode 1 – The Story So Far

April 7, 2021

In our first episode of this exciting six-part series, we provide an insight into ‘Team Tempest UK’ - comprising the Royal Air Force Rapid Capability Office, BAE Systems, Leonardo, Rolls Royce and MBDA - who together are develop the technologies, knowledge, skills and expertise needed to deliver a Next Generation Combat Air System capable of operating in the 2040+ environment. 

Part 1 – Tempest: A technological driver for future security and prosperity
We begin the series by taking a look back on what has been achieved so far on the Tempest programme, reviewing its journey to date including a year of unprecedented challenges, followed by a wider exploration of its future direction and its technological and economic value to the UK aerospace industry and the nation’s future prosperity. 

Host Zevi Watmough is joined by Michael Christie, Director, Future Combat Air Systems at BAE Systems, Andrew Howard, Director Major Air Programmes at Leonardo and Defence Journalist, Analyst and Historian, Francis Tusa.


Part 2 – Nurturing Generation Tempest (starting at 30:10
Tempest is a once in a generation opportunity to shape one of the UK’s most exciting engineering programmes. We asked STEM Ambassadors drawn from Team Tempest to share their thoughts on how we can best nurture Generation Tempest, to awaken their potential as engineers. 

We speak to Christian Chew, BAE Systems Engineering Degree Apprentice, Sophie Qaisar, Leonardo Systems Team Leader, Rafael Bosque, Rolls-Royce Design Engineer and Aditi Vyakarnam, MBDA, Principal Systems Engineer.