Future Horizons: The Tempest Podcast

Episode 3 – More than meets the eye

May 7, 2021

In this third episode of the six-part series, we look beyond the core Tempest partners to shine a spotlight on how the project is becoming a true national endeavor. We meet some of the many high-tech companies and academic minds supporting Team Tempest and discuss how their innovation and ideas are helping transform the way we are developing technology to realise the benefits of Tempest both for and far beyond the military air sector.

Part 1 - Breaking the technology barrier

So, what are these projects and why are they breaking into brand new territory for UK industry?

We meet some of the key players from within the supply chain and academia who are supporting Team Tempest today and ask them to describe how they are forging new paths of technology to propel the programme further into the future.

Host Zevi Watmough is joined by  Dr Darrell Jaya-Ratnam, Managing Director of DIEManalytics, Professor Simon Maskell, Professor of Autonomous Systems in Electrical Engineering and Electronics at Liverpool University and Craig Turnbull, Director of Electroimpact.

Part 2 - Tempest radar: a new age of system integration (starting at 34:30)

In part 2 of the podcast, we take you into the fascinating world of Tempest radar technology which is so advanced, it can process a city’s worth of data in a second.

We’re joined by Alex Robinson, Chief Engineer at Leonardo and Sam Farrow, Principal Design Engineer at MBDA. Alex and Sam have been collaborating on some of the most cutting edge radar innovation and system integration in the world, so they’re going to break down the technology for us, to explain how they’re building innovation from the inside out.


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